rc models

This is a short overview of all models I actually have or had in the past.


My Glider Fleet:

Domino from multiplex, wingspan 2.3 m (sold).
It was my first rc model controlled by elevator and rudder. 
The model crashed many times due to my rc incapabilities, but later it flew fantastic and was exactly the right model to start rc flying.
Several years later I sold it because I didn't fly it anymore.

  from  multiplex, wingspan 1.3 m.
A small glider giving a lot of  fun, shot into the air with a rubber band, and catched with the hand for landing.
Todays rarely flown but still active.

+ LS 3  from  multiplex, wingspan 3.2 m.
My first glider with ailerons, ideal to move to 3 axes control.
Great in thermal uplift and still flown when the Alpina should be saved.
2005-04-15: After more than 10 years she crashed today. Doing slope soaring in a rough northern wind I flew it already for an hour.
But then it was the first time ever I faced a transmitter reset and the LS3 elevator went to full down. It smashed vertically into the ground about 15 cm deep. Both wings were damaged at the base of the ailerons. 

Skydancer from Scharmann & Walter, wingspan 1.4 m.
Small glider with ailerons, good to test a slope or fly on ridges with stronger wind.

Geier from robbe, wingspan 1.6 m (sold).
A flying wing, due to predicted poor flying qualities never finished.

Alpina magic from multiplex, wingspan 3.9 - 4.4 m. Definitely my most flown glider, very variable with 2 different wingspans. 
Great in thermics with large wingspan, good allrounder with short wingspan on slopes or stronger wind, even simple aerobatics possible, nice sound in fast passes. I love it!!! Recently I installed a vario for even more thermic flights.

Discus from slovakia, wingspan 2.9 m.
Medium sized glider which looks very beautiful, average in thermics and on slopes.
Since I hardly fly it, it should better be sold.

Euromaster from multiplex, wingspan 3.7m.
Strong F3J aircraft, not yet finished, but I'm eagerly waiting to fly it.

DG300 from Thomas Schmid, wingspan 4.6m.
Bought as an empty used model I installed all the servo and radio equipment. This is now the new star of my glider fleet: Large gliders fly better!

My Electric Glider Fleet:

Junior from Graupner, wingspan 1.8 m (sold).
Speed Gear (Nr. 1716) 500 race 7.2V 2.8:1, 8 cells 1700 mAh,  Cam gear prop 11-8".
Easy to fly model with rudder and elevator, good for beginners, but no longer used and finally sold.

Cumulus 2000
from Graupner, wingspan 1.7 m.
Speed Gear (Nr. 6501) 480 7.2V 3.45:1, 8 cells 600 mAh,  Cam gear prop 10-8".
Nice model, very lightweighted, great in thermics and for testing slopes.

+ Paradise One,
wingspan 2 m (crashed).
Simprop power speed 7/14, 12 cells 1700 mAh, aeronaut 11-6.5".
My first hotliner with RG 14 profile, not easy to handle. Died in action.

+ E-Solution from Simprop, wingspan 2.8 m.
Hopf Viper 600 BB Race 8.4V, maxxon gear  4:1,  8 cells 1700 mAh, aeronaut prop 13-7" or 15-9".
This model caused me a lot of trouble since it crashed several times due to unknown rc transmission problems.
In the beginning I used a robbe sports motor 430/9 with 12 cells, but the heavy weight made it difficult to start, bad in climbing and too fast in thermics.

Alpha Club
from multiplex, wingspan 2.7 m.
Kontronik brushless 480-33, gear 4:1, 8-10 cells 1700 mAh, aeronaut prop 13-7",
A very nice model, my first brushless motor, and good rates for climbing and gliding.

RF4 Sperber
, wingspan 1.6 m (sold).
A semi scale motor glider controlled by rudder and elevator.
This is a heritage from my brother in law, needs to be rebuild.

from conrad electronics, wingspan 1.9 m.
A gentle hotliner, a heritage from my brother in law, needs to be rebuild.



My Motor Aircraft Fleet:

Fokker from Graupner, wingspan 1.3 m (sold).
Speed 600, 8 cells 1700 mAh,  prop 8-4".
Nice looking and easy flying model, especially in low passes until touch and goes. But I prefer 3 axes controls, so I sold it.

+ Spitfire
from robbe, wingspan 1.3 m (crashed).
Speed 600 BB SP, 8 cells 1700 mAh,  prop 8-6".
My first styro foam model, since I really like the original Spitfire.
But I  was never really happy with the flight performance. Recently I crashed it due to transmission problems and I will not rebuild it again.

from multiplex, wingspan 0.8 m (crashed).
Speed 280, gear, 8 cells 280 mAh, prop ???
A park flyer with aerobatic qualities: Extremely maneuverable due to cross linking of aileron and elevator blade. Pure fun!!!
But I have to check for a more powerful motor. Now used with a Hacker 20L  brushless motor and a 9-4.7" prop provides enough power and long flight time! One day we had several crashes due to radio irrigations. This was obviously caused by military maneuvres, Stuntman crashed vertically into the ground.

Extra 300S
from Graupner, wingspan 1.6 m.
OS Max 61 FX, good for standard aerobatics, not for 3D. It looks nice and performs well with appropriate power, but it needs a high landing speed. Also it does not like full elevator up or down which causes half a roll.

TorqueMaster from MH-Airpromotions (image below, left model). 
A shockflyer with 3 LIPO cells 730 mAH and Yellow BL brushless motor.
Full fun at calm wind conditions with torque rolls and all the 3D stuff of these light weight foamies.

ZoomZoom from Hacker (image below, right model). 
A lager profile model, got the Hacker 20L brushless motor from the Stuntman. 3 lipo cells of 820 mAH.
Great for 3D, even at windy conditions. Torque rolls rather easy due to long fuselage.


My helicopter fleet:

Piccolo from Ikarus, rotor diameter 0.5 m.
Indoor helicopter with cult status, I love to hover in my living room!

Eco 8 from Ikarus, rotor diameter 1 m.
Kontronik Fun600-18, Smile 50-6-18, 12 cells 2400 mAh.