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You are not allowed to save the files to disk, CD... and sell this.
Important: Not all of these models are done by myself! See authorship in included textfile.

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Coming soon:
Even more fuselages for piccofly and a rework of some older ones ...
Scenery selection menu...


This is the first set of fuselages for piccofly. You must have installed the piccofly selection menu.

The piccofly fuselage pack 1: Download here!   


Since my old selection menu had limited capacity (1-9) and did not run well with Win XP, 
I have written another windows application to create a new menu:

This menu can handle all the fuselages for piccofly, offers an easy to use windows interface and a preview of your selection.
So try it out. But follow carefully the readme.txt file, which is included in the ZIP!
Achtung: Bitte unbedingt readme.txt lesen (Inhalt auch in deutsch)!

download here!