aerofly pro - FUN

This section reports remarkable things about afpro 
and contains some hints for you to get even more fun out of afpro!



Combat flying in afpro:

The feature of a hook can be ‚abused‘ to implement a load of bombs which can be dropped. 
Jojo published a B-47, I followed with a B-29. 

Of course the bomb doors can be opened and closed (jojo, 12.02.2003; rodeo, 2003). 

With additional engines even rockets can be fired, see this starfighter (jojo, 02.2003).  

And the option of a second model can also be taken to fire and control a cruise missile (rodeo, 13.02.2003).




Moving parts in afpro:


As it is in easyfly, the afpro functions can be used to move parts of the aircraft.

The Beechcraft Duke is the first airplane with a door to be opened. The entire aircraft is of overwhelming quality. We expect more movable parts in the near future (kossiossi, 05.02.2003).




Carry loads with helicopters or airplanes:

The hook of models can not only be used for fschlepp, but also for carrying loads (kossiossi, 27.01.2003; roki, rodeo).


There are several loads available (like boxes, cylinders, landrover). You have to load them as second model. 


Start with the option for fschlepp and make sure, the hook is closed. 

Even a parachute can be dropped from the helicopter, in this case the Hirobo Shuttle (rodeo, 31.01.2003).



Modify fschlepp rope:

You can determine the length and strength of the rope for fschlepps or to carry loads with a helicopter.

Open the file ...\config\main.mcf and edit these lines:
fschlepp_rope_length          1.00000              (length in metres)
fschlepp_rope_strength       0.00000           (elasticity of the rope)

(kossiossi, 27.01.2003).



Fschlepp variations:


My Landrover was the first RC-Car in afpro. You can also use it to bring gliders into the air (best is the XXL version. rodeo, 17.03.2003).

Some slowflyers are prepared for fschlepp as well.




New helicopters with retraction gears:


My NH90 was the first afpro helicopter with retraction gear, followed by the A109 and SA330-Puma by roki (rodeo, 01.01.2003; roki, 22.01.2003).     





Smoke density increased:

Within afpro the smoke density can be set to a maximum value of 1. But with an editor you can set it much higher.

Open the file ...\config\main.mcf and edit this line:
smoke_density     15.00000

You need a powerful PC for this option.
(jochen.heilemann, 21.01.2003).







Smoke with gliders:

Open the TMD file of the glider and edit these lines.

// aerofly professional --------------------------------------
// file:    lo100b.tmd
// version: 1.2.0

// type:   

Replace the type 1 with type 2.

(flying baer, 03.01.2003).


To set the smoke position, edit these lines:

cd Fuselage/
SmokeR = tmvector4r( -0.1000, 0.4900, 0.0500, 1 )

1. value  +  in front/  - behind center of gravity
2. value + left/  - right of cg
3. value + above/  - below of cg







To be continued soon!