How to modify the preview of an aircraft.
The TMS and TMT files in the aircraft directory of easyfly

(by William and Rodeo, 15.03.2001)

The aircraft selection menu of easyfly consists of 2 parts:
A small image of the aircraft and a few text lines below the image.


How to create a new preview image:
1 - Create a snapshot of your airplane.
After you have painted an aircraft or created a new one, you need a snapshot of it. You may use snapshot programs like hypersnap or just the printscreen key on your keyboard. In the second case run easyfly in a window rather than a selected full screen size.
Fly your aircraft in easyfly and press "P" for pause. Choose the best point of view with the arrow and "page up" "down". When it is ok press "printscreen" or "imprecran". Then leave easyfly.

2 - Paste your screenshot to your graphics program and trim it if necessary.

3 - Create a new empty bmp file in the graphics program, the size is 256x256 pixels, colour depth 24bit.

4 - Paste your screenshot to the empty file, but do not extend the size of it. The screenshot must be fitted into 256x256 pixels.

5 - Save or rename the file with this extension: _preview.tmt (example: cap232red_preview.tmt).

Nice shot!


How to modify the text for the aircraft preview:
This is so easy that a description is nearly unnecessary.
Open your tms file (example: cap232red.tms) with a text editor and edit the text.

New lines are defined by: \n