How to modify the flight model data.
The DNS files in the aircraft directory of easyfly

(by William and Rodeo, 15.03.2001)

The dns file contains the entire physical flight model for the selected aircraft, i.e. the aerodynamic data.
Only few parameters of this file are known up to now.

vario: ?

data blocks starting with this name do not contain aerodynamic data.

propeller and engine:
these 2 data blocks contain all the information about the aircraft's power.

these datablocks are responsible for the crash detection of the aircraft.

fuselage, wings ... :
important blocks for the aerodynamic model.

necessary to enable landing of the aircraft (even glider without visible wheels!).

dummy: what is dummy?

movable parts of the aircraft.


How to modify sound:
sound can be modified by changing the soundfile, the frequencybase and shift in the propeller section:
strcpy( Propeller.SoundFile, "g10" );
Propeller.SoundFrequencyBase = 5000;
Propeller.SoundFrequencyShift = 10000;

How to modify power:
change value in the engine section
Engine.Cm0 = 6.0;

How to modify aerodynamic data:
the lift values can be influenced by editing all .Ca0 - .Ca6 and .Ca00 values
Rightwing.Ca0 = 0.0098;
Higher values increase uplift of the aircraft.

the air resistance can be edited by the .Cw0 - .Cw5 and .Cw00 values.
Rightwing.Cw0 = 0.1600;
Higher values increase air resistance and make the aircraft flying slower.

How to modify crash sensibility:
increasing the .Kz values of the tip sections makes the aircraft more robust against ground contacts.
Ruddertip.Kz = 5057.4111;
If you remove all tip sections the aircraft becomes incrashable and can fly through mountains.
Exception: The water surface is the base level where everything ends (or begins perhaps!).

How to modify landing sensibility:
the .Kz parameter of the wheel sections defines the limit of vertical speed for landing.
Rightwheel.Kz = 3000.0000;
Increase the value to allow a higher vertical landing speed.

Remark sign in the dns file: //