How to add a new aircraft to easyfly.
(by William and Rodeo, 15.03.2001)

ATTENTION: In the moment we are only allowed to publish complete sets of 4 aircrafts:
Christen Eagle
Bell Jet Ranger

If you create a new aircraft based on P51, ThreeDee or all the other addon airplanes, do not publish the dns file. Then only owners of the addon can copy the needed dns file and use the aircraft.
This is a fair agreement with the software developers. We don't write our workshop for software pirates!!!

Proceed as follows with the example of a cap232:

1 - copy and paste all the files of the original cap232 in the same directory (....\easyfly\aircraft\ )

2 - rename the copied files as you want ( i.e cap232red )

3 - paint your cover bitmap as you want (see lesson 02_Easyfly_Painting)

4 - open the obj file with a text editor and modify it:
Look at all items, each one has a bmp associated. You need to change the file name in all items. In other words, each time you see "cap232.bmp", change it to "cap232red.bmp" (our example). You can use the replace function of your text editor.

# Object Elevator
# g Elevator
mt cap232.bmp 1 1

change to:

# Object Elevator
# g Elevator
mt cap232red.bmp 1 1

5 - close, save, run easyfly and now there must be a new entry "cap232red" in the aircraft selection menu.

6 - enjoy the fly....

In some downloads you will find a obj file included. In this case it is supposed that the work mentioned above is already done for you.


How to use more than 1 bmp file for an aircraft cover:
When you've made your first steps with painting an aircraft you will notice a "feature" which is not welcome.
Some areas in the bmp file are used on different parts on the aircraft. Let's assume you want to draw a red wing then you suddenly notice that part of the fuselage or the elevator is also painted in red.
Since you insist that the fuselage or the elevator should have different colours we must find a solution.
Fortunately we can use more than 1 bmp file for the cover. The only thing you have to do is to paint another bmp file and link it to a certain aircraft part. Example is shown below:

# Object Fuselage
# g Fuselage
mt p51yeager.bmp 1 1

# Object Leftaileron
# g Leftaileron
mt p51yeagerwing.bmp 1 1


How to remove parts of the aircraft:
We can make parts of the aircraft invisible. This is useful to virtually remove bombs, missiles, or gear. Just remove all lines of an object in the obj file or place a remark sign at the beginning of the lines.

Remark sign in the obj file: #

CONGRATULATION: Following so far you are proud owner of a new easyfly aircraft!