How to paint an aircraft.
The BMP files in the aircraft directory of easyfly

(by William and Rodeo, 15.03.2001)

The first thing to do before making any change in aircraft files is to create a copy of all the files somewhere on your HD. This will allow you test what you want to do on the files. It will then be easier to recover one or all of the files if the changes were not successful.

How to change the cover of an aircraft:
The aircraft cover is composed of one or more bmp files. You can first try to change the colours of the aircraft. All picture editors like paintshop pro or addobe photoshop can do that. You can change it as you want, but must keep the pixel size and the colour depth of the bmp. The only difficulty is to know where are the borders of the different aircraft elements, like wings or fuselage. You have to test by youself. Sometimes it is a good idea to place numbers all over the bmp file and then see, where they appear on the aircraft. To apply your cover to the aircraft, simply paste it on ...\easyfly\aircraft. The OS will ask you to overwrite, say yes. That's it.

To fly with your modified aircraft, do as usually, by selecting in the menu. That is the easiest way. Note that the number of aircrafts in the menu doesn't change. If for exemple you have changed the cover of the cap232 all in red, you won't be able to fly the original cap232 (yellow and blue).

But we have found a solution. See next item.